Parco di Montevecchia e della Valle del Curone

The Castle of Cernusco Lombardone is included in the area of the Park of Montevecchia and Valle del Curone. Characterized by a succession of moraine hills covered by Montevecchia, the Park is a little gem of interest to environmental, natural and cultural heritage.
The becoming of the seasons emotions are different every time, from the spring flowering of the grassy hills to the sunny summers on the cultivated terraces, charming autumns warm color to the cold days of snowy winter. The wonderful landscape meritorious of visits, trekking shoes worn, to the discovery of the variety of flora and inhabitants of the forest, small mammals (foxes, weasels, dormice and squirrels), with the large birds (hoopoe, nuthatch, birds of prey, both diurnal and nocturnal birds of prey), amphibians (salamanders, toads and frogs and small reptiles (lizards, lizards and struts).
This Park has, besides areas of great environmental and naturalistic, as well as cultural aspects of high value linked to the story of the man who has tried to integrate into this environment. The system of rural farmhouses scattered on the territory is a witness to the rural life of the past, that in the last few years is discovering a new vitality. Other religious buildings have great importance in the architecture of the area, as reminiscent of the religious vitality of the local population, which expressed itself in making these works of collective interest. Prominent among the Churches dele territory is the Sanctuary of the Blessed Virgin of the Carmel place on the highest point of the hill of Montevecchia.

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