In the XI century, the milanese territory was divided into parishes which depended on both the religious and political, military, directly from the authority of the archbishop the town; the town of Cernusco Lombardone belonged to the Pieve of Missaglia. The archbishop of Milan, Ariberto da Intimiano, he managed to rule over such a vast territory, using the local nobles that allowed them, in the face of benefits, dependence and sovereignty of the archbishop. It came to pass, however, confronted with the overwhelming power of these lords and to the aversion that the people had for the archbishop, the peasants appeared, forcing the noble to escape and take refuge in Milan. The ancient forts and mansions of the lords became points of defense and offense. The peasants resisted the powerful counteroffensive Ariberto to the point of exhaustion, especially in the Castle of the Heart, the seat of the podestà-in-chief, but then, overwhelmed, and overcome, sfogarono their anger by demolishing the castles in which they had valiantly fought.
The Castle of Cernusco was the subject of reconstructions and additions of the factory, and later it became the residence of the lords who ruled the place: first, the powerful family of the Petroni, then the Castles and the Cernuschi. The Castle lost its strategic function, assuming that rural-residential.
The properties of the building and the surrounding land was of the family of the Counts Lurani Cernuschi up to become the current owner, which has faced the greatest challenge: to return to the ancient splendor of the entire structure with a fine and careful restoration, maintaining the type of construction and remaining faithful to the original. The dwelling is constrained by the Superintendence of Cultural Heritage.


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