The Property

The building has a strong irregularity in plan due in part to the need to adhere to the contours of the natural ground on which it stands, and, in part, to the various demolitions, reconstructions and expansions that the property has suffered over the centuries.
The renovation, performed in the years ‘90, has retained the original appearance characterized by walls in stone and brick.
The structure is dominated by the remains of two ancient towers, probably dating back to the dawn of the second millennium: the square tower on the North-West corner of the building, made of masonry with pebbles of the river split, and stones about ten meters high, and the other round tower situated on the opposite corner to the South-East of the structure, subsequent building in mixed masonry of stone blocks half-formed pebbles and river split.
The main wing of the Castle devoted to stays is also with pebbles and bricks laid out for the herringbone, here you will find a beautiful portico of pointed arches with stone columns and carved capitals.

All immersed in a park of 24,000 square meters.


Via Puecher, n. 1 - Località Castello - 23870 Cernusco Lombardone (LECCO)
Tel.: 320.2226971 -  335.5432977

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